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Hello there.
You are here for one of many reasons I believe.

One of the reasons you are here is because I placed a link saying 'About Vinnie' right?
Another reason is because you want to know who I am.
And the last reason is pure and simply curiousity.

So who is Vinnie on
Well, he is a charismatic, charming, fun loving, hardworking, easy to get on with, gentle, not always romantic, very open minded, likeable kind of guy who has been designing websites since 2004.

Why do I like website designing?
The honest truth is I don't.
It's a learned skill I have chosen to keep to show potential employers of my employability and flexibility to understand the changing nature of information technology.
Website designing is time consuming, often boring and laboriously hard to explain to anybody who does nothing more than look at a website and think ummm that looks okay.

So, who really is Vinnie?
My name is Vincent O. NLemchi.
I am a British born national of Nigerian Igbo descent.

Like all guys I have a history which is not worth going into here.
I created my website to be an information portal of me and not to show off myself in all my glory.

This version of Vinnie's website is my fifth redesign.
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I can assure you that you won't regret it.

Thank you for looking.

March 2014