Going Abroad Checklist
Going abroad can be a stressful experience especially when you only fly once every 5 years.

I have compiled here a list of must have items based on my most recent experience abroad.
Some are not essential and my list is not in order.

Ticket printouts and/ or e-tickets
Printed copies of your contacts.
Printed copies of your passport.
Priinted copies of consulate telephone numbers.
Documents identifying you - these will typically be documents you are asked to produce to identify yourself in your country of general residence.
Contact details and addresses of the place you are staying at.
Travel insurance documentation.

Calculators - two ideally. Can't rely on your phone all the time.
Sandals - two pairs
Shoes - two pairs
Slippers - two pairs
Shoe polish
Towels - two.
Bath and shower essentials - two lots, You may go out visiting other people and staying over.
Shaving essentials
Wellington boots - it does rain sometimes
Medicine - many of the common ones you keep at home
Plasters - keep some in your everyday wallet or purse
Mosquito net

Camper's bed - two. Highly recommended
Something to use a pillow or cover for a pillow
Phones - ideally 3. One as a spare. Number 3 phone is your emergency phone nobody knows about with a workable sim card linked to your bank account.
Cash - more than you may actually need
Bank cards - debit cards charge you conversion rates abroad. Credit cards charge you interest from the day you withdraw cash up to when you pay it back.
Change of clothing for everyday you will be out.
Spare hold-all's - in case your suitcase isn't suitable for outside airport use.
Gifts - cash is always preferred over gifts so this isn't essential.
Books to read and to give away - novel size and of adventure type
Spare glasses and their cleaning kits.

Your laptop commputer - mine has seen service in three countries so far - plus it's charger.
Mouse for its use.
Mini external hard-drive with some of your favourite downloaded programs
Blank cd's.
Insect bite cream - remedial action to relieve action from insect bites.
Socks - cover for night time insect bites ideally white.
Language books and/ or dictionary
Camera and their batteries plus their chargers.

Phone chargers.
Bluetooth headset - and charger. Not essential.
Spare phone batteries - some countries have intermittent electricity supplies such as Nigeria - ideally two extra.
Torches - two mini windup's, one battery operated small one and a large torch.
Hair cream
Nail clippers
Plastic bags
Traditional clothing - one smart, one casual
Wet wipes - some large ones and some small ones.
Loo roll - your favourite ones. Compress when you travel.
Kitchen towel - I found this useful.
Handwash - refillables ideally.

What else?
Baggage scale - digital or manual. Saves time and surprises you with how much less your suitcase weighs.
Hand dispenser soap, refil preferable.

I think I have covered it all.

This list is based on my most recent trip abroad - to Nigeria.
I went as well prepared as I possibly could.
Carry a smarphone and keep GPS enabled at all times.
Make sure you have a messenger you can use abroad - ideally WHATSAPP. I have been told VYBER is good too.

Trainers (white) or white shoes are a waste of space. Then again, this depends which country you are going to or whether or not you plan to party.

This is it.

April 2014 - Easter.