How To Dance
Okay, you are here for one reason.
I am going to show you how to get yourself dancing.

Dancing always starts with the appreciation of the music you are listening to and this is typically with the nod of the head regardless which way you turn your head as long as it is rythnical.

Hard to believe but you have already started dancing.
Only thing is hardly anybody around you is noticing. Why? Cos dancing is described as the movement of the body in rythmn usually to that of the sound of music.

All right.
So your head is moving.

Now you are tapping your feet.
Yep, sitting down watching everybody around you boredly looking for somebody to either talk to or to amuse you. Uh uh, you are doing this quietly. Yeah I see ya.
You are reading this and thinking yeah this sounds alright but ain't no music playing.

Now you are starting to feel a little better.
That drink in your hand no longer looks so appertising.
You are just holding it cos you don't want to look out of place in the party atmosphere and besides your body is starting to tingle.
You want to dance man but don't want to look like a jerk.
Music is not bad but I am getting tired of sitting in one place.

That empty space in the centre looks enticing. No let's go to that empty corner instead.

Alright, you have mastered nodding your head and tapping your feet.
Let's take this nodding and tapping to the dance floor.
Try doing this now standing.
You will notice your whole body is moving up and down.
You are bobbing man - going up and down on your own two feet.
This is how you master how to dance.

The nod of the head followed by the tap of the feet, you take it to the floor and you move to the beat.

Let's try some acrobatics or aerobics.
Both hands in the air, nodding your haed and tapping your feet.

Wave your arms from side to side, nodding your head and still tapping your feet.

You are grooving man.
You got it baby.
You are dancing.

How about a spin.
Keep nodding your head and tapping your feet and turn gently around still nodding your head and tapping your feet. Your arms will follow and you won't notice it.

That's how you dance.
Now the rest is up to you.

You have shuffled your feet moving to the beat, now all you gotta do is swing to the beat.
This is what I call dancing baby.
This is what I call dancing man.

Put in some boxing and defending moves and you will become the life and soul of any party.
How about falling to the floor and jumping right up again.

Alright, alright enough of that.
Dancing always starts with the nod of the head followed by the tapping of the feet.
Once you have gotten used to that, the rest is about watching how everybody else does their thing and learning how to do their swing.

The way I dance is not what a  lot of professinal dancers would call dancing but if you don't know how to dance or are too shy to dance, you can't get better than this written article of mine.

April 2014