Kebabs - Turn One into Three Kebabs
Lets get those mouths of yours salivating shall we.

Doner Kebab,
Shish Kebab,
Chicken Kebab.

How can we turn that one ordered kebab into three?
Buy your pitta bread separately from a nearby convenience store then ask for the meat on its own only with a choice of your own vegetable toppings from the kebab hot food store.
Then go home and warm up the amount you want in a microwave and toast your pitta bread in a toaster to open it up and then serve or enjoy to yourself.
The toasting action should bloat out the bread making it easy for you to slice in the edge centre with a long knife.

The pitta bread should be the short life variety not the one month or so dated long life air bag contained type.
My preference is the HollyLand pitta bread.
I have tried the rest, nothing beats this brand.
5 pitta slices to a pack usually 30pence.

You will be amazed how much more meat they pack in for a separate. And if you are fortunate, the shop will either give you a small discount or chuck in a free drink.
Treat your kebab like a burger.
Add onions and ketchup to it.

Want that same flavour at home but can't find a decent or clean looking kebab store?

Here's another tip.

If you are able to get a pack of HollyLand pitta bread, great.

FarmFoods supermarkets sell cooked and cut frozen kebab meat but you could try any store that sells Asian or African food items.
Warm this up, cut up some onions and enjoy.

Trust me, I grin with pure pleasure everytime I eat this stuff and it's not everyday.
Plus it's a filler.

Enjoy your meals.

August 2015