How To Walk Fast Without Getting Noticed
Kudo's to my old write up regarding this topic which is revised from my old website.

The secret to walking fast without being noticed are these:
  • Be relaxed
  • Bend your knees when walking
  • Rock your shoulders from side to side
  • Keep your back straight
  • Look only in the direction of where you are going
  • Move your arms in a leisurely fashion

When walking think of a tune you enjoy.
Don't hum it, just keep it in your head.
Move like you think you are dancing but with a destination in purpose.
Stretch your legs as far as possible. Each step should feel more like a stride.
Feel the wind as you walk even if it is not windy.

Trust me with these moves you will get to places quickly and most people will only notice you go by when they blink and notice you have gone many yards ahead of them.
Warp speed man.
Third to half less energy than the average person.

How about a few tricks with those knees bent?
Emergency stops.
360 degree turns.
Stop, left turn and move.

Useful in shopping centres.
No need to run.
Running will get you noticed more than plain walking.
No need to move your head when looking around, use your eyeballs occasionally tilting your head slightly left or right.

Study how other people walk and you will notice most walk with stop knees.
Step, stutter, step, stutter.
No wonder folks get tired of walking.
Try running on that and you get a penguin impression.

You gotta bend those knees man.
Reabsorb your energy from every step.
Wearing the right footwear helps.
No point in wearing crocodile shoes if all they do is look good but don't help you bounce.
Trainers are perfect.
Flat bottom shoes with some rubber in them.
Shoes with some grip in their soles.
Make sure your footwear feels tight on your feet allowing for a bit of toe leeway.

When walking you gotta feel like you are dancing on air - get my drift?
You gotta feel good about doing this.
And if you don't feel right, with these tips of mine you will feel alright after a few strides.
Who isn't going to notice you breezing past them like a drift of wind?
Better to be commented on about how fast you breezed by than about the way you ran past on a bouncing trot or a bird like penguin walk.

Go slow if you are not in too much of a hurry but bend those knees all the same.

That's the secret.
Keep on bouncing.


August 2015.
Revised from 2005.