How To Wash Your Car Professionally
The Three Stages To Getting It Done Right
(any of which may be skipped at any one time)

         WASH, WAX &

Tools You Will Need.....
Large Car Sponges - ideally two5 or 6 face towels/ flannelsTurtleWax Zip Wax - car wash concentrateTurtleWax Instant Polymer car wax or Spray WaxCar Plan's T-Cut (or TurtleWax) Colour Restorer (neutral colour)ArmorAll Tire Foam
Shoe Polish - any brand matching the colour of the plastics of your car

Overall Time Required
Approximately 3 hours (or half a day)

If you crave attention, you cannot get it any better than by doing it my way - tried and tested, I do this all the time and have done it for years on a variety of vehicles in my care including company cars.
Guaranteed, the shine will last at least 2 months even if the dirt still shows on closer inspection.

By far the easiest way to wash your car is to use the WASH & GO method - washing up liquid style. This will get your car clean alright but maybe for only a day or two before dust settles in on it and your car becomes noticeably dirty again.
Real professionals avoid household cleaning agents on their cars as this has an impact on the colour of ones vehicles - the oxidisation effect - whereby the original colour gradually fades unknowingly to the untrained eye.

Wash and Go
- Sponge and Water without the washing up liquid.

This is your rinsing stage. You remove all loose dirt from the body of your car.
Then apply your car wash concentrate for the actual body wash.
Final Rinse - have your chamois leather to hand when you do this. You will need to wipe your glass windows dry to prevent smearing as your car wash concentrate will leave deposits even when rinsed off. Do this with single motion veritcal strokes.

Now, let the rest of your car to dry to dry naturally.

Wash & Shine
This is the above Wash & Go method followed by waxing using your instant polymer car wax.
This brings out the shone in your vehicle but does not necessarily remove any stubborn marks left behind as can be noticed in white coloured vehicles.
Use one face towel to apply your car wax and the other to wipe it off.

Wash, Wax & Polish
This is the full monte.part.
Anybody looking at your car now will notice the difference of before to now.
This is your colour restorer part.
Face towels again - one for applying the stuff, the other for wiping it off.

The Add-on's
Don't bother wasting your time trying to shine your tyres using tooth brushes and paste.
Your tyre foam will do it all for your and even make your tyre trims stand out.
The boot polish is for the door handles and any other plastic trims on your car you may have overstepped the mark for - one face towel for this should be enough.

The Inspection
You will never be 100% satisfied with your job even when you think you have finished and have left your car with a smile.
Like me you will be going back to your car to look at it from all angles possibles to make sure you have not left any smear marks lying around.
Take you car for a spin.
I took my car to a motor racing show once.
I was almost a show stealer - :-). Almost everybody who looked at my car had to look again.

Washing your car professionally ensures dirt carried by rain merely pushes away carrying away other deposits left behind by dry weather days as the chemicals deposited by your polishes take effect.

How you keep the inside of your vehicle clean is up to you and is only important to the people you have to carry in it.

There are other car wash shampoo's out there but as of August 2015, TurtleWax still remains my favourite.
I will try others such as AutoGlym but trust me, when you have eyes looking your way you know you have gotten the right product for your car.