How To Get Windows 7 Updating Again
I had this problem during the summer months of 2016 when Windows 10 Operating system was getting rolled out and Microsoft was getting all users of Windows 7 to upgrade to Windows 10 for free.I was one of those stubborn individuals who refused to do as I was told and to date am still using Windows 7 operating system on my six year computer and ageing.

I am about to describe how to get Windows 7 Operating system updating itself again.
The process I am describing here will need overnight time and likely a few days of regular updating and rebooting if your operating system has not been updated for a long time.

First up.
The blue bubble bottom left corner of your pc.
Get this up to show 'Settings'then arrow across and click 'Control Panel'.
Now go to 'Windows Update'.
Now 'Change Settings' on the left.

Use the 'Important Updates' scroll button and change the setting from Install Updates Automatically (or whatever it was showing before) and change this to 'Never Check For Updates'.

Then click 'OK'.

Now go back to the Control Panel and click 'System' and look at your system type.
Mine is a 64-bit Operating System.

My memory is kinda hazy in what I needed to do next but I did make a note of the two most important update components needed to get my computer to run Windows Updates like before and they were:
KB3020369 - First
KB3172605 - Second

Both can be searched and downloaded from Microsofts website however to be sure of getting the correct update for your computer system do use Microsoft Update Catalog (click here) .
Here is another link - click here.

Or you can download them directly from me.
KB3020369 - First One. Click Here.
Second One - KB3172605 - Click Here.
Just save the above files somewhere on your computer or external hard drive.

You need to install KB3020369 component first.
This is an executable file and will prompt you on what you need to do next.


Now install KB3172605


Now go to
and check for updates on the left hand side.

Checking for updates will take a while but rest assured it does work and eventually you find updates available for your computer.
Just install these and reboot if needed and do it over and over again until no more updates become available.
And after this, change your updates settings to the recommended settings of 'Install Updates Automatically'.

The above was done on two Windows 7 computers and does work. I personally used it to update two Windows 7 computers.
Sadly whilst I did all this in August 2016, I didn't get around to writing this until February 2017.
On this note I do strongly advise you make an image back-up of your computer to an external hard drive before attempting my write-up above.

In in as little words as possible.
Install  KB3020369
Install KB3172605
Now update as normal.

Thanks for reading.

February 2017

The original inspiration for this write-up was sourced from this page.
It may no longer be available if my link doesn't work.