About Vinnie
You want to know me and what I am all about.
Let me start with the philosophy behind my idea of a web design and what it means to be a webmaster.
The meaning of my logo - the disc represents I enjoy music. On a disc  once made famous is now digital music namely mp3.
The 'ninefifty' wording on the logo. This represents the name of my website and in triangle formation this represents one of my favourite shapes.
The square - part decoration but more so creativity.
You can't have a website and not have a logo that represents you.
On a business level this will be your trademark so is best to practice having a logo.
The wall of Vinnie's Website on either side represents you reading my mind - my world.
The stars - I am the star of my own show.
The clock - decoration.
The rest is to take up space.

Website design is time consuming.
I am not an indoors stay at your computer all day long techie geek but I do possess good understanding and it doesn't take me long how to figure out an operating system. Just patience as long as it is working.
First of all you have to think of a name for your website.
I thought of Ninefifty bacuase I thought what time am I most likely to be in bed by. The answer is usually just before 10pm.
10 minutes to 10. Nine Fifty.
The number 10 has other meanings for me too - I had the piss taken out of me as a child using the number 10 so I have associated it with other forms in my life.
.co.uk - this means I am UK based.
If I wanted the .com version I would have been serious about international branding.
It is still on my mind however there are other ninefifty worldwide domain endings I can always use.

Owning my own domain has other uses.
I can associate it to my own email address.
It costs £10 a year to keep registered and gets a little complicated without having a website.
Simple solution - buy a web hosting package. It don't cost a lot.
Cheap one £50 a year tops. Cheaper ones available out there.
Maintenance is free - you do it yourself.
Website makers charge upwards of £500 to create a website for you.
Lots of free online website makers out there but they need (a lot of) patience and practice to understand as well as blisteringly fast internet connections.

My name is Vincent NLemchi.
I have been designing websites since 2004 (according to my records).
I got into web design primarily as an IT interest. I wanted to see if going this route would lead me to more interesting careers, to develop myself and market myself to potential employers as having good literative skills and information technology understanding.
Sadly it was not to be as my heart really was on other careers so my website thing became a back up.
How many people can brag they know how to create a website?

Vinnie's Website is a hobby of mine.
I used to send out loads of emails, the most famous of which was Film Reviews which I wrote following regular going to cinema's with a friend, and it was my love of writing emails that inspired me into thinking how about learning to create a website and put a lot of that writing you send up out there onto a web page.
Sadly the task became overwhelming for me as I found I had more ideas than I had time for so the design you see now is really a dumbed down version of what I once had.
I wanted to put up video's.
I wanted to put up music.
I wanted to put up poetry.
I wanted to put up pictures of places I visited and personally took pictures of.
I was successful in putting up downloadable apps onto my web page but apps change all the time and become outdated with upgraded operating systems.
I wanted different types of graphics.
I wanted jokes.
I wanted scrolling ticker messages.
I wanted to express myself blog form - Vinnie's Holler.
I wanted websites that would look the part on all digital screens.
I was successful in bringing all my ideas to fruition abeit inperfectly in some places.
I still do send out the odd email for the pleasure of doing so.

Sadly like a lot of webmasters out there web design don't pay and folks who do want a website become overwhelmed by the demand for literative content.
Others want it for commercial reasons.
I don't do buy and sell but I can do it if I set my mind to it. It would cost you though and I will keep it simple with you doing most of the work and me just updating the website.
My payments would be through Paypal mainly and I would need practice time to ensure it works.
You may find yourself better off using Ebay for this kind of thing.

For a simple this is me and this is what I am all about so you do not need to remember contact details I will be glad to help you out.
My inbuilt website forms are tried and tested and do work.

Vinnie's Website has been created using a website maker program.
It started by inspiration of a book on how to create websites using Microsoft Word before I looked into other web maker programs due to Word's limitations.
It was a start and allowed me to forgo needing to learn coding. I had then and still do have little time and patience to understand coding. Some of my website functions have paid for programs to make my ideas become reality such as my beautiful and fanciful spinner logo.
I have not used custom built templates for my website although these are available should I choose.

Vinnie's Website will remain a hobby I shall be proud of.
It is not perfect but it will do.
It is better than a lot of websites out there.
Mine is not a blog thing. It is an ideas and inspiration thing.
I do and have used it myself in the past and I have had many oh yeah moments not least in my 'Services' section which is getting redone from my last version due to the amout of defunct websites I had listed.

Have a website. I recommend you do.
And if you can't, inspire others to have one.
People remember website names more than they do telephone numbers or business names.
Why are you wasting your time with free emails such as Google and Yahoo?
For a business, charity or other association?
That is wrong.
I use them too - throwaway names is how I like to see them as.
Or you can subdomain it.
You will be promoting somebody else's interest.

Thank you for visiting my world.

Do please join my mailing list.
It gives me great pleasure and joy to find myself getting noticed.

As I say in my world as a form of goodbye I wish you well.
Nice Day.

April 2020