April 2020 Emails
Hi all,
Vinnie here. Spoke to a friend who brought up a topic I knew I could help with.
So I said I would make it a mailing list item.
Converting music videos to any music format you like so you can play it in any media player of your choice - in my case my mp3 player.
Below is the link:

Also available on Softpedia.com which is my favourite programs download website:
If it is not on softpedia.com it is either dangerous or likely to be a fake or worse harmful to your pc.

Totally freeware.
I have converted hours of video to audio that I know I should be paying for if on disc or other music websites.


Hey all,
Over the years I have played around with different back up software and messed up a fair few times losing some of my treasured documents and moments in history.

I have now found by far the easiest way to back up my computer and all you need is an external hard drive capable of storing all your data.
I recommend  Buffalo Hard Drives - even second hand ones are good.

Two ways to do this:
Control Panel
File History
Turn on File History if this is off.


Update & Security
Back Up

All these are on Windows 10.
Second option gives you better control.

Both options are fully automated unless you want a back up now which is available in the second option.
Both options allow you to see your last back up unlike back up software which create images and become complicated when you try to access individual files or ever need to change operating systems.
I have tried it - it works.
My only regret - why didn't I use this method years ago.
I had a stint on it last year and then dismissed it according to my records.

I am writing this for you all but also for me to remember.

Nice Day.